Do Dress Socks For Men Always Have To Be Black?


Did you know that the initial appearance of socks extremely differs from how you see it now? In the old English, these were referred to as “socc”, and it is appropriate somehow because it means, “light slipper”. For the Latins, the called these “soccus”, as they see it as a “light, or low-heeled shoe”. While for the Romans, the comic actors were usually the graced individuals who were given the opportunity to wear these, and the Greeks acknowledge it as “sykchos”. According to the documentations, the earliest models were from the Ancient Greeks in 8th century BC, and its most prominent revolution was in 1938. It has been centuries and the categorization for these foot stockings has evolved as well, just as if dress socks men.

But, Must these Socks Always Have to Be Black?

If you have to know, in fact, you should. There is in truth a sock rules where you have to educate yourself on the “Do’s and Don’ts” whenever selecting dress socks men and wearing socks. For instance, whenever you are playing sports, it is desirable and pleasing to the eye to see white socks instead of those colorful ones. If you are wearing dress shoes or dress pants, or you are basically in your suit because you are about to attend a formal event, resist the temptation to wear white or neon-colored socks, these should be black or has to match your dress pants or suit. This is a rule that is often advised from celebrities, and even to those who are renting suits.

Why Should You Honor the Dress Code Rule?

Yes, there could be moments when you wish to make a statement of your being, to express yourself. Nevertheless, for events that require you be in your most proper and most formal self, it would be astounding to honor the dress code and be confident with your style. Even if you are almost the same with the rest of the crowd in that event, your confidence will enhance your presence.

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